Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Nothing is new as per usual, I realize I dont write on here much but that is because I do nothing interesting.... Nothing new except I went down 2lbs this week... Oh that and I saw Gran Torino, it was really good... This week coming up I am trying to go see The Unborn, My Bloody Valentine, and I want to see the new Underworld movie that is coming out. I am also planning to steal my parents car and come back up to school for the weekend... Shhhhh dont tell them! Especially you Roxanne! and I guess my other sisters who may observe this blog.

School is a pain, I wrote a paper that was 5 pages long and it deleted on me :( so I had to rewrite it all for the next day and my 4th year project supervisor cancelled on me for my analysis too. On the plus I did get a paper back and I got a 99.6 on it ^-^ best I ever did in that prof's class. Midterms and papers are coming at me, so I hope I dont revert back to eating ice cream all the time, lol

Thats about it for me, I will post again.... someday when I remember :p


  1. Great job on the weight loss!

  2. Good job on the weightloss but you better eat two chocolate bars or im telling mom about you stealing the car...Go team Ang!!!

  3. Down two pounds is some pretty big news in my books. WTG!!!!!