Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Nothing is new as per usual, I realize I dont write on here much but that is because I do nothing interesting.... Nothing new except I went down 2lbs this week... Oh that and I saw Gran Torino, it was really good... This week coming up I am trying to go see The Unborn, My Bloody Valentine, and I want to see the new Underworld movie that is coming out. I am also planning to steal my parents car and come back up to school for the weekend... Shhhhh dont tell them! Especially you Roxanne! and I guess my other sisters who may observe this blog.

School is a pain, I wrote a paper that was 5 pages long and it deleted on me :( so I had to rewrite it all for the next day and my 4th year project supervisor cancelled on me for my analysis too. On the plus I did get a paper back and I got a 99.6 on it ^-^ best I ever did in that prof's class. Midterms and papers are coming at me, so I hope I dont revert back to eating ice cream all the time, lol

Thats about it for me, I will post again.... someday when I remember :p

Sunday, January 11, 2009

lol sorry if I dont update much, or if I dont reply right away, I usually am sleeping instead :p lol, I mean.... working on school related stuff... thats it ^-^

Hahaha, I have no clue how to do anything on here / what to write... Thus I will write what I did on the freakend...

Stayed in with sicky who is probably going to make me ill. lol, on the plus I lost about 1lb this week (my mom's scale is a liar! I had to come back to school to get the right weight).

.... and thats it :p

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Not much to say here, just got back home (my school 'home') for yet another term of classes, which start tomorrow (Monday the 5th). I am about 10 minutes from my school, and I walk to and from each day of the week. Thats pretty much the extent of my exercise thus far. I intend to up it a bit, lol.